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Lightweight, Top Quality Bags

T-shirt-bagsAdvance Polybag manufactures plastic T-shirt bags according to exacting client specifications and featuring your original artwork. These custom carryout bags can be produced to a wide range of dimensions, creating an environmentally responsible product that is lightweight, strong, reusable and capable of being recycled via established recycling programs.

Our Touch-N-Go® plastic bags are engineered and proven to help your front end operation run quickly and smoothly. Each bag is designed and optimized to self-open when the preceding bag is filled and removed, making checkout a smoother experience.

To learn more about our Touch-N-Go® T-shirt bags or request a sample, call ADVANCE POLYBAG® at (800)504-0505.

Make the Right Call with API®

Touch and go rack

  • Custom dimensions and plastic gauge for the “right fit”
  • Expert flexographic printing to keep your branding “spot-on”
  • A wide range of “Touch-N-Go®” racking configuration options
  • Made from polyethylene primarily sourced from U.S. Natural Gas
    (not foreign oil)
  • Trusted by the biggest, most respected names in retail

Transparent T-shirt bags

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13 .51
13.5 .53
14 .55
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15.5 .61
16 .63